Distant Voices: Design and Development from an Alternative Perspective

By Carl Harrison.

Published by Design Principles & Practices, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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DOI: 10.18848/978-1-61229-863-4/CGP

The contemporary globalised nature of design and design aesthetics can be found all around us in the must have branded goods sold in London, New Delhi and Lagos. Although much of this modern vocabulary can be traced back to even older creative narratives that still exist in many parts of the developing world, they themselves are often unable to compete on an equal playing field with this internationalist language. This book hopes to stimulate a much needed debate on the nature of product development in the developing world, to identify the reasons for this present situation and to review the potential of alternative approaches to creativity in a non-western context. It suggests a number of alternative creative strategies to help those in the developing world initiate innovative product directions of their own in order to challenge this all-pervasive internationalist model and to act as a catalyst for change.

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 19.331MB). Hardback (Book: Print (Hardback)). Paperback (Book: Print (Paperback)). Published by Design Principles & Practices, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Carl Harrison

Design Consultant

Carl Harrison is a design consultant and practitioner who has been involved in many product development projects around the globe. His experiences working in remote locations taught him the value of cultural diversity over similarity and introduced him to the fascinating cosmological realities that underpin the world views of many within the developing world. It was these experiences, set against the sad reality that many of these ancient ways of being are slowly disappearing altogether, that prompted him to explore how these distant voices of the past could inform the development of contemporary high value products of the future.